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Project diary:

19 February, 2024
Uploaded Garsą using microfilms generously lent to us by the Ladies Pennsylvania Slovak Catholic Union. We added all newspaper titles and pages uploaded during hte past year to the Elastic Search index. Added instructions on how to use Boolean search commands with Elastic Search.

12 January, 2024
We have uploaded a number of LT newspapers printed in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. From Argentina, Pietų Amerikos Žinios; from Brazil: Brazilijos lietuvis, Pietų Amerikos Lietuvis, Lietuvis Brazilijoje, Lietuvis, Viltis, Garsas, Šviesa, and Lietuvių Aidas Brazilijoj; from Uruguay: Laisvoji Lietuva. All images are from We will supplement with some of the issues we have in the Lithuanian Research Center. Many of these newspapers were collected by Lithuanians living in Brazil, under the leadership of Aleksandras Valavičius, and sent to the Lithuanian National Library for preservation and safekeeping.

03 January, 2024
Vienybė and Vienybė Lietuvninkų: Uploaded 1886, 1891, and 1892 missing issues. We photographed originals archived at the Lithuanian Historical Institute. Argentinos Lietuvių Balsas: Uploaded 1949–1977 issues from microfilms lent from the Centers for Research Libraries collection, and 1929–1940 issues from Many missing issues remain. The next step will be to photograph originals archived at the Lithuanian Research Center and ALKA. Liaudies Balsas and Darbininkų Žodis: Uploaded LB missing issues from the Vancouver library archive, and DŽ issues were photographed from originals archived at the Lithuanian Historical Institute. Vilnis: Uploaded 1979–1990 issues from scans of microfilms lent by the Wisconsin Historical Society. Laisvė: Uploaded 1982–1988 missing issues from scans of microfilms lent by the Wisconsin Historical Society.

27 September, 2023
Žvaigždė: We uploaded issues from 1915-1942 (from scanned pages in epaveldas); Tėviškės Aidai: We uploaded issues from 1956-1957, 1960-1972, and later (from Lithuanian Research Center originals). Still missing 1996 (scanning); Amerikos Lietuvis (American Lithuanian): We uploaded 1918-1937 issues from microfilm borrowed from the Centers for Research Libraries; Sandara: We uploaded 1918-1984 issues, again, from Centers for Research Libraries microfilm; Liaudies Balsas (Workers’ Voice): We uploaded issues from 1936-1944 (from epaveldas) and we are waiting for additional images from the Vancouver Library in Canada; Varpas: We uploaded issues from 1889-1932 (from epaveldas); Vienybė Lietuvninkų: Uploaded issues 1901-1903, and issues 1922-1924 of Vienybė, from the archive of the Rare Document Section at the Kaunas University of Technology.

28 July, 2023
Vytis (The Knight): Added 1915-1927 and 1992-2006 issues; Britanijos-Europos Lietuvis: Uploaded 1953 and 1960 issues, which were completely missing, from originals kept in the Lithuanian Research Center archives; Amerikos Lietuvis (American Lithuanian): Uploaded 1914–1917 issues from microfilms borrowed from the NY Public Library.

8 May, 2023
Vytis (The Knight): Uploaded 1928-1991 issues, photographed from originals from the Lithuanian Research Center archive in Lemont, and from the Lithuanian Knights’ archive. Shortly we will be uploading the 1915-1927 and 1992-2006 issues; Lithuanian Bulletin: Uploaded additional issues from the Lithuanian Research Center archive that were not included in the epaveldas archive; Auszra (The Dawn): Uploaded all issues, published in 1883 through 1886. The images were scanned from a book (Lithuania: Past of a Nation0 published by the Lithuanian Historical Society and edited by Jonas Dainauskas. All of these new uploads will be indexed in Elastic Search this coming Fall.

4 April, 2023
Elastic search search index updated. All newspapers that were uploaded in the past year were added to elastic search, as well as missing issues that were uploaded during the past year from those newspapers already on the site.

18 February, 2023
DP Publications: we have collected about 150 prints that were not on the original list, but which the Research Centre has. We have listed the titles on an “additional” page. We will try to scan many of them in the future. Amerika: We have added the 1934 issues scanned from the archive of the Research Centre, and the April-December 1945 issues photographed at the Klaipėda Univ. Library. Lithuanians in the American West (Lietuviai Amerikos Vakaruose):: a number of missing issues were found in the ALKA archive. We have scanned them and added them. Now only 6 issues are missing. Lithuanian Bulletin: This important English-language publication was published in New York during World War II and the post-war years. We have added the issues from 1943 to 1951 that were in

07 February, 2023
DP Publications: a team led by Dr. Jolanta Budriūnienė has scanned over 100 publications published in Europe, mostly at Displaced Persons camps, in the post-war period. We digitized the images and collected the individual pages, reproducing the assembled booklet forms of these publications. About 27,000 pages were digitized. All of the texts will be added to Elastic Search in March.

31 January, 2023
Naujoji Vaidilutė: We have uploaded all the issues of this publication, created by young female ateitininkai (futurists), whose images (scanned from microfilms) are stored in the National Library of Lithuania. Amerika: We added issues photographed at the M. Mažvydas Lithuanian National Library, the Klaipėda University Library (Pemkus archive), and from microfilms held at the British Library. There are still additional issues from 1945 and 1934, which are in preparation.

07 January, 2023
Naujienos: uploaded 1953-1958 issues, scanned from originals preserved at Chicago’s Centers for Resarch Libraries (about 40,000 pages from 1942 to 1958). Also uploaded Jan-May 1916 issues, scanned from microfilm archived at the NY Public Library.

31 December, 2022
Į Laisvę (Into Freedom): uploaded 1943, 1944, 1948, and 1953-2008 issues. The originals were scanned by the M. Mažvydas Lithuanian National Library. Naujienos: uploaded 1942-1952 issues, scanned from originals preserved at Chicago’s Centers for Resarch Libraries.

26 December, 2022
Mūsų Lietuva (Nossa Lituania): There were about 80 missing issues, most of which we had at the Lithuanian Research Center. These have now been scanned and digitized and added to the website. Now only a small handful of issues are missing. Tėvynės Sargas (Homeland Sentinel): We thought there were missing issues, but on reviewing the issue numbers, it appears that all of the issues have been found and have been uploaded. Akiračiai: Having received scans of issues from 2005 through 2010 (at which time the journal ceased publication, we uploaded them. The Akiračiai collection is now complete.

10 November, 2022
Akiračiai (Horizons): We uploaded all issues from 1968 through the first issue of 2005. The images were obtained (with permission) via the Lithuanian Martynas Mažvydas National Library through their project. Amerika Uploaded 1936 – 1939 issues, photographed at the Vilnius U. Library archives.

29 September, 2022
Mūsų Lietuva (Nossa Lituania): We have added newly scanned issues received from the Mažvydas LT National Library, from originals collected in Braziil by Mr. Aleksandras Valavičius. The missing issues are few, and we will shortly add most of them from the archive of the Lithuanian Research Center in Lemont.
Skautų Aidas (Scouts Echo):. We have uploaded and digitized images from the archive of the Mažvydas LT National Library.
Mūsų Vytis (Our Vytis): We have uploaded and digitized images from the archive of the Mažvydas LT National Library.
Britanijos Lietuvis and Europos Lietuvis (Great Britain Lithuanian and European Lithuanian): One is a continuation of the other. These titles were published by the Lithuanian emigre community in the U.K. The images were from the collection of the Mažvydas LT National Library in Vilnius.
We now have a number of newly uploaded issues and titles. They have not yet been added to Elastic Search. We will do that at the end of this year. The last update of the Elastic Search index was in April of 2022.

21 July, 2022
Medicina and Lietuviškoji Medicina (Medicina and Lithuanian Medicina). Digitized from images obtained from the Lithuanian National M. Mažvydas Library. Published by the Kaunas Medical Association and Kaunas University Faculty of Medicine.

18 July, 2022
Tėvynės Sargas (Homeland Sentinel): This newspaper was published by the Lithuanian Chrstian Democrat Party in exile. We digitized images based on image files received from the Lithuanian National M. Mažvydas Library.
Mūsų Pastogė: This newspaper was published by the Lithuanian postwar diaspora in Australia. We digitized images based on image files received from the Lithuanian National M. Mažvydas Library. Again, about 5 years are missing, which the LRSC archive has, and we will be adding the missing content.

05 April, 2022
ELASITC SEARCH: Updated ELASTIC SEARCH and indexed all newspaper uploads to-date. You can try out elastic search at the following link: .

03 April, 2022
Mūsų Lietuva (Our Lithuania: This newspaper was published in Sao Paolo, Brazil, from 1948 through 2015. We uploaded scanned and digitized images based on image files received from the Lithuanian National M. Mažvydas Library. A number of issues are missing, but most of them are being scanned at the Mažvydas library and will be added soon.

24 March, 2022
Laisvė: Uploaded images based on NYPL microfilms. NYPL had a relatively complete collection from 1911 through 1917 and from 1928 through 1987. However, there are many missing issues from 1930-1933 and also from 1982 to 1987. The Lithuanian Institute of History has a fairly complete collection from 1918 through 1928, and the Wisconsin Historical Society has microfilms of the 1980 issues. Lietuviai Amerikos Vakaruose (Lithuanians in the American West): Uploaded images for many issues obtained from the M. Mažvydas Lithuanian National Library. Many issues are missing. The Lithuanian Research Center in Lemont has the majority of the missing issues. These are being sent for scanning and digitization.

28 February, 2022
Saulė: We uploaded digitized scans from the following years, based on originals obtained from the ALKA archive in Putnam, CT: Issues were added from the following years: 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1952, 1958, and 1959. Now the main gaps are for years 1903, 1905, 1906, 1907, 1909, and 1910, although there are many other years where numerous issues are missing.

21 February, 2022
Vienybė and Vienybė Lietuvninkų: Uploaded issues from 1886 through 1984 obtained from NY Public Library archive microfilms. Naujienos: Uploaded 1914–1917 issues from NY Public Library archive microfilms.

14 January, 2022
Lietuva and Saule: Lietuva: We borrowed microfilms of the 1912 Lietuva newspaper from the New York Public Library (NYPL), and some microfilmed issues from 1913, 1914, and 1917. Of particular interest was the Christmas supplement from 1917, celebrating the paper’s 25th anniversary, which described the origins and creators of the Lietuva newspaper. Saule: History buffs in Mahanoy (especially Paul Coombe) visited the dilapidated building of the Saule newspaper publishing house before its demolition and retrieved a number of old issues of Saule, especially those from 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1947, 1952, and 1958–1959, including the last issue of the paper, published June 26, 1959.

30 December, 2021.
Mūsų Sparnai (Our Wings): the Lithuanian Research Center had almost all issues from 1950 to 2003 (maybe seven issues missing). We have scanned, OCR’ed, and uploaded all available numbers. We are looking for the missing ones. Interestingly, it turns out that not a single library in Lithuania has examples of printed copies of this magazine in its archives.

11 December, 2021.
Santaika: We have put together PDF files of Santaika 1915–1916 obtained from the Martynas Mažvydas Lithuanian National Library. Santaika is listed under the Dirva tab, as Santaika was renamed Dirva in the summer of 1916.

9 December, 2021.
Tėvynė (Tėvynė): Compiled from microfilm images from the New York Public Library 1968–1970, 1974, and 1981–1985. So far, these newly uploaded pages have not been indexed.

November 30, 2021.
Dirva: We found issues of Dirva from 1941–1942 in the library of the Lithuanian Historical Institute in Vilnius. With the kind permission of the library, we photographed them and they are now uploaded. So now only the 1918 and 1919 issues are missing.

27 November, 2021
Tėvynė: Borrowing microfilm images from the New York Public Library, we scanned and OCR’ed images from 1961–1967, 1971–1973, 1975–1980, and 1986–1994, and also found additional images from 1896, 1908, 1910–1912, and 1917–1918.

10 November, 2021.
Ateitis: We have finished uploading almost all issues of Ateitis printed from 1911 to 1994. We are very grateful to ALKA for lending us issues for scanning, and to the M. Mažvydas National Library, which forwarded us many of the missing issues from the 1911–1940 period.

25 October, 2021
Elastic Search: we have updated the Elastic Search index to include all newly uploaded issues.

12 October 2021.
Tėvynė: We have uploaded issues from 1897 to 1902, and 1917, 1918. Women’s and Children’s Supplements that the M. Mazvydas Library shared with us, and issues 1922–1946 from the Wisconsin Historical Society archives.

September 8, 2021.
Ateitis: we have uploaded the 1911 to 1939 issues that the Lithuanian Research Center had. Many numbers are missing. The Mažvydas Library has the missing issues, but from microfilm, and the character recognition and photographs were not of optimum quality. Nepriklausoma Lietuva: we have uploaded about 100 missing issues that we found in the archive of the Lithuanian Research Center; Tėviškės Žiburiai: we have added about 40 issues where either pages were missing or not a full page was photographed. Now the sets of these two Lithuanian-Canadian newspapers are more or less complete.

September 3, 2021.
Tėvynė: We have uploaded issues from 1909 to 1911 and also from 1947 to 1961, from the microfilms of the archives of the Lithuanian Association in America (SLA).

August 26, 2021.
Saule (the Sun): We have uploaded issues of Saule from 1888 to 1913 (not all of them, of course), which were generously allowed to be photographed in their archives by the Vilnius University Library and the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore.

14 August, 2021
Dirva: We have uploaded the missing 1924, 1926, and 1928 issues of Dirva (1248 pages), which were generously allowed to be photographed by the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore. So what is left? We do not have a single issue printed in 1918; almost all issues printed in 1919, 1941 and 1942 are missing. If anyone knows in which archives these issues might be stored, please let the Center for Lithuanian Studies ( know.

11 August, 2021
Moteris: we have uploaded the 1955–1988 Moteris images. Originals were from the Lithuanian Research Center archive. This journal was published in Canada by the Canadian Association of Lithuanian Catholic Women. The quality is good, although the ABBYY program does not always distinguish the ís from the ą or y characters in the font we use (especially in the 1982–1986 period for some reason). So far we have not added either Moteris or Eglutė to Elastic Search. We will add it shortly.

30 July, 2021
Eglutė (Fir Tree). We are very grateful to this library for their long and extremely valuable cooperation!

1 July, 2021
Dirva (The Field): We have uploaded images of Dirve from 1920–1923, 1925, 1927, and 1929–1936, courtesy of Kaunas University of Technology Library. We are very grateful to them.

Now we are still missing the 1918, 1919, 1924, 1926, 1928, and 1941–1942 issues of Dirva — the LLTI (Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore) has almost all the 1924, 1926, and 1928 issues, and some 1919 issues — we will take pictures of them this month. As for the other missing issues, we have not yet found anyone to hold them.

24 June, 2021.
Keleivis: We have uploaded images of 1906, 1907, 1938, and the missing 1939, which the Stock of Rare Books at the Kaunas University of Technology Library allowed us to photograph. We are very grateful to them. Now only the 1911 Keleivis numbers are missing — so far we can’t find a library, either in the USA or Lithuania, that has them.

19 June, 2021.
Ateitis: after receiving the post-war (1946–1994) images of the Ateitis from the M. Mažvydas Lithuanian National Library (many thanks to !), we have digitized them. We have now started digitising the pre-war issues, 1911–1940, although the Lithuanian Research Center’s archive is about 6 years short. The search will only start after we have uploaded all the issues.

7 June, 2021.
Nepriklausoma Lietuva (Independent Lithuania): After receiving the images from the M. Mažvydas Lithuanian National Library (many thanks to epaveld!), we digitized them. We have not yet submitted the XML files to Google Search, but we have indexed all uploaded files using our own Elastic Search. We estimate that about 112 numbers are missing. We will try to find them in the archive of the Lithuanian Research Center and add them.

14 May, 2021
Tėviškės Žiburiai (Lights of the Homeland): We have finished uploading the pages of Tėviškės Žiburiai 1949-2020. Now we are catching the missing pages.
Darbininkas (Worker): We have uploaded 1965, 1970, 1971, 1972, and 1984. Almost all the 1915-2006 issues have now been uploaded, although there are some missing issues. Some years are not of optimal quality.

Naujienos (News): We have uploaded the years 1970–1986. This newspaper ceased publication in 1986. The last issues of 1986 have not yet been uploaded. The microfilms of this last issue were not of particularly good quality. The years 1942–1969 now remain to be digitised and uploaded. We have the originals of Naujienos from that period, but it is expensive to scan those 60K pages from the originals. Further scanning will depend on the availability of funds.

Saule: We have uploaded the years 1917–1932, as well as 1943-46, 1948-51, and 1953-57. We have borrowed a large bundle of newspapers 1913–1959 from the ALKA archive — we are sending them for scanning.

ELASTIC SEARCH: Since Google does not index all the files submitted to them (via XML), we have developed a search engine using the Elastic Search program. If you are looking for something, you should try both Google and Elastic Search. The direct link to Elastic Search is in the right-hand column on the website pages. Or click here.

17 March, 2021.
Tėviškės Žiburiai: we have started uploading the Tėviškės Žiburiai pages. The years 1949–1971, and 2016-2020 are uploaded so far. You can find them at

22 February, 2021.
Dirva: From the Klaipėda University Library, we have started to receive images of issues of Dirva newspapers from a very important period, from August to December 1940.You can find them at The issues received from the Klaipėda University Library are labelled with the letter ‘k’. Many thanks to Klaipėda University !

8 February, 2021
Kalifornijos Lietuvisn: We have uploaded issues of the Kalifornijos Lietuvis newspaper from 1946–1949. This newspaper was published by Antanas Skirius before the transition to Lietuvių Dienos. There is a lot of information about the victims of the communists in Lithuania and life in the camps. You can view issues of the Kalifornijos Lietuvis under the Lietuvių Dienos tab in the galleries section or in the Lietuvių Dienos folder.

January 28, 2021.
Najienas: We have uploaded issues of the Naujienos newspaper from 1931–1941. It will take some time for Google to index them. The next step will be more difficult, as there are no microfilms for 1941–1969 — so we will have to scan the originals.

January 18, 2021.
Lietuvių Dienos: We have compiled “galleries” of Lietuvių Dienos magazines: These contain photos of the covers and contents pages. Clicking on a page image will take you to a PDF of the selected issue. The files are quite large — between 35 and 65 mB each.

21 December, 2020
News: We have received 38 reels of microfilm containing issues of Naujienos printed from 1931 to 1941. We are starting to scan them. We expect to upload them onto the website at the end of January. We have photographed and OCR’ed Tėviškės Žiburiai from 1949–1971. The microfilms of the Kalifornijos Lietuvisn magazine 1946–1949 are ready. We have learned that the Central Library of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) has a number of issues of the Dirva newspaper from 1920–1935 that we are missing, as well as the 1906, 1907, 1938, and 1939 issues ofKeleivis that we are missing. We will try to retrieve images of the pages somehow and make them available with OCR (optical character recognition) on the website.

16 December, 2020
Keleivis: We have uploaded (all or almost all) the 1934 issues of the Keleivis. Still missing 1906, 1907, 1911, and 1938.

02 December, 2020.
Latest: We have finished uploading the issues of Naujienos from 1917–1930. All images of the Lietuvių Dienos have been uploaded to the website. All issues of Lietuvių Dienos are now there; all that remains is to add the pages of the previously published Kalifornijos Lietuvisn.

March 28, 2020.
The digitization of the Keleivis and Dirva archives is now more or less complete. Many thanks go to the Boston and Cleveland Public Libraries and the Martynas Mažvydas Lithuanian National Library for their help. We have found the 1916 and 1917 Dirva originals at the Lithuanian Research Center and they have recently been sent for photography. A number of 1917–1942 issues of Dirva are in the possession of the Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore, the Vrublevskis Library of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, and the library of Klaipėda University. We will try to arrange with these libraries for photographing these issues in the next year. However, there are many missing issues of Dirva up to 1943, and neither the Mazvydas Library, the Lithuanian Research Center, nor libraries in the USA have them.

The archive of the newspaperKeleivisis not complete, and some years and issues are still missing, but the libraries mentioned above have some of them.

We were lucky enough to get issues of the newspaper Lietuva from 1894 to 1910 from the Wisconsin Historical Society. They have provided us with image files, which have been scanned and OCR’ed and uploaded to the database. The digitized archive will not be searchable via Google until the end of spring. We are still missing some issues from 1892/1893 and 1911–1913. The New York Public Library claims to have some 1912/1913 issues, so we are in the process of contacting them.

We are working fast on the archive of the Darbininkas (Worker) newspaper. We have been able to find quite a few issues from almost every year of publication. We have recently uploaded the 1915–1952 issues and will try to upload the 1953–1973 and 1980–1997 issues by the end of April, although we are still a few years short.

Next year, with the support of the Lithuanian Foundation and other foundations and benefactors, we plan to digitize the newspaper Tėvynė (published by the Lithuanian Association of America, SLA) and the magazine Lietuvių Dienos (published in California). We will also start digitizing the daily newspaper published in Chicago: Naujienos. It will take us maybe 3 years to prepare all the issues of Naujienos, because the newspaper has been around for a long time, it was often published weekly, and there is a lot of material.

January 1, 2019.
At this website we are posting project of the Lithuanian Research Center ( to make available to the public digitized images with OCR (optical character recognition) of various newspapers printed in Lithuanian in the USA. We are starting with newspapers Dirva, Keleivis, and Darbininkas.

If anyone knows where the originals of these Lithuanian newspapers are, especially the older issues, please contact the Lithuanian Reseach Center ( in Chicago.

N.B.: The search will not be operational until August, as the XML files need to be produced and submitted to Google Search, which will only be done once the bulk of the issues have been uploaded.


Project manager / initiator: Dr. Jonas Daugirdas
Administrator: Kristina Lapienytė